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Or something like that

It really doesn’t matter how many times you think you’ve experience it; a loss is a loss. When Loss visits you, it reaches to a different level depth that you didn’t know before. You stared at Loss in the eyes—same, but different this time—a new definition of blankness and void. A friend, an acquaintance, a …

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Bác Xuyến

I said, “Rồi cũng hết một ngày.” Dad said, “Rồi cũng hết một đời chứ không những hết một ngày.” Bác Xuyến passed away on yesterday, July 3rd, 2012.  I miss her already. I could recall her face and what she used to say when she was alive.  I even quoted her not last week, “Ăn …

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Rest In Peace, !E

Rest In Peace, !E I miss you already. You were the Empress of Life You were the light of Love You lived your life to fullest You lived your life to joy Rest In Peace, !E I miss you already. 2/4/2011


Only Death is permanent. People can think that I’m dramatic. Heck, as if I care. The only thing on my mind and in my heart right now is you’re no longer here. It’s hard in life to find a person you can talk to, can laugh with, and share and talk freely about your thoughts, …

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