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my heart beats like I’m falling in love again every thought has not been consumed of you but soon I could feel it.   vulnerable stage is not a good place gentle-hearted person is not a good reason to fall in love with during this time and place   although my heart and mind they …

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I smile when I think of his gentle face My heart skips beats when I recall his tender voice His name His smile What has become of me? I hang on every word he said I sketch his smile I smile at the thought of him. I feel the happiness in his laughter. I’m taking …

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September Rain

Mưa Tháng Chín

found this baby while looking for a rain mp3… it’s been a good 4 years.


i start to love brown encompassing, color of dirt warm embrace, peacefulness simpleton, noble silence heal. i learn to love the colors given by mother earth brownness of trunk, sweet pink of petals radiant yellow from the sun shinning up-bove freshness green holds dark veins of leaves the shyness of fragrant from a wild flower …

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for Li Bai

  Trăng kia ai thả mà trôi Cùng mây với nước bồi bồi múa ca? Lung linh một bóng một ta Trăng trôi trăng nổi biết là thật? hư? —— Sóng biển trùng trùng sóng biển reo Thuyền ta ngược sóng, thuyền ta chèo Ung dung tự tại đời thanh thảng Cùng sóng cuồng phong …

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