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Dial an Emotion

I have dialed an emotion. Fire.  Is that an emotion? I’ve gone through Ayurveda and found that my element is Fire. By the way, it was a gift and I’m grateful for the gift to do the ayurveda consultation but asking me to pay….oh no! oh no no. Anyway, this Fire is burning slowly inside …

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Or something like that

It really doesn’t matter how many times you think you’ve experience it; a loss is a loss. When Loss visits you, it reaches to a different level depth that you didn’t know before. You stared at Loss in the eyes—same, but different this time—a new definition of blankness and void. A friend, an acquaintance, a …

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and for good. I’ve tried many things in between and found out that this has a special little place in my heart. yes, it does. This past weekend was interesting.  We spent a weekend together in the dessert.  It was hot, humid, thunder stormed, hailed and rained dogs and cats; and… I felt in love with …

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my heart beats like I’m falling in love again every thought has not been consumed of you but soon I could feel it.   vulnerable stage is not a good place gentle-hearted person is not a good reason to fall in love with during this time and place   although my heart and mind they …

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Bác Xuyến

I said, “Rồi cũng hết một ngày.” Dad said, “Rồi cũng hết một đời chứ không những hết một ngày.” Bác Xuyến passed away on yesterday, July 3rd, 2012.  I miss her already. I could recall her face and what she used to say when she was alive.  I even quoted her not last week, “Ăn …

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