do not fear a blank page

He’s been gone for a week and a half.

I feel like I have nothing to write about it.

I know he’ll be back soon.  It hasn’t been hard but it’s been odd.  I’ve been sick ever since he’s gone.  103.2 fever for a couple of days.  I was crawling in and out of my bed, taking nyquil…until I couldn’t even tell if it was day or night.

I’m over it now…

but the nasty cough is still lingering.

Naturally, I would write for the life of me.  It gives me sanity.  I haven’t written.  I feel like I’m loosing it.

loosing what?

I’m back for my 300 hours yoga teacher training.  I’ve been teaching.  It’s been good.  I need to do more yoga.

The wedding is eight months away and I haven’t prepared.

Things will manifest themselves.

and so I keep on telling myself that.

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