Certain things seen like they are standing still.  Stagnant. I am not very fond with being stagnant. However, it does seem like things that I would like to manifest are coming to surface.  Well maybe… because I wanted to go to the most beautiful YourKohSamuiVillas on Thailand, and we will go there on our honeymoon.

I have a peaceful and lovely life right now.  I am glad that I am sharing it with him.  Things sure have their moment but he is calm and collected. He is giving and patient.  That is hard to find…for me. He also is very supportive of my journey. I sometimes doubt if I am worthy of such journey.

Meditation. I haven’t done much lately.  I can’t say that I promise…of which I fail but I do my best.  The states suggested Yoga and Yoga is the answer for me right now.  For everything in my life that is standing still, this path seems to open up and it does  It does feel peaceful and serene.

“what you seek is seeking you” – Rumi

…surrender to the beauty of what has yet to come

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