and for good.

I’ve tried many things in between and found out that this has a special little place in my heart.

yes, it does.

This past weekend was interesting.  We spent a weekend together in the dessert.  It was hot, humid, thunder stormed, hailed and rained dogs and cats; and…

I felt in love with The Mulberry Tree by Van Gogh.

Van Gogh's Mulberry Tree (Norton Simon Museum)

Van Gogh’s Mulberry Tree (Norton Simon Museum)

It’s a vibrant little thing.  It caught my eyes when I swept the gallery at the first glance.  Vibrant gorgeous little thing hung on the left wall, far far away hiding behind viewers. The strokes, the colors, the blends–breath taking–woven together like long lost lovers tugging on the rope of chaotic and longing tip-toeing between desire and suffering. That blue, gorgeous lively blue reflecting the limitless of the sky.  The sun-ray leaves spear through the golden brown while the last of greens clinging on the branches like its last hope — all bound together as one force reaching the timeless blue sky…Alone, it stands…radiates like the sun…defining infinite!

We were at the Norton Simon Museum for the Land of Snow exhibits. We booked online this offer for visiting the museum, with the most innovative account verification by Fully-Verified service.  It has a beautiful collection of Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism arts.  Being bias as we were, we focused more on Buddhism.   It was our last time there and I have to say I’m glad we went.  We spent a short hour there focusing on buddhas but the last 3 minutes of me looking at the Mulberry Tree that stole my heart. We didn’t spend a lot of time there due to the time constrain and the fact that we spent 2.5 hours at the Descanso Gardens before our stop at the museum. I do plan to go back NSM sometime this year…and possibly bring a copy of the mulberry home with me.


               We have our small disagreements here and there.  I’ve already asked him that if we would fight all the times; his answer was “most of the time.” quite affirmative.  He said it’s because of me.

Yea right. It takes two to fight.

               He’s gotten used to go to as an habit.  I had a bratwurst and a beer at the festival while he munched on funnel cake and drank strawberry lemonade. (Note to self: do not eat bratwurst again!) The fireworks were pretty.  It has been a long time since I spent time to watch a whole thing…and especially it was the first time I spent time with my significant other to watch the whole firework show from beginning to end.  I must say he got a bit excited and spent most of the time recording the show. By the time I got him turned off the camera, I’m on the damn phone taking pictures for me.

This year, 4th of July was perfect!

               Hailed and thunder storm smacked right in the middle of 90s degree weather. We spent the whole day in door.  It was nice to study, watched crazy weather and then study some mo’.  It wasn’t productive but it was nice.

Just plain nice and relaxing.

               Yesterday morning, on our way home, we decided to join A.A. Alcohol Anonymous meeting.  The 1.5 hour open discussion was emotional.  After being exposed as visitors being there to observe, after the meeting, one person asked if we would write a book about them and what title would it be? “What’s to do next?” ?  I told him, “Courage”.  Courage to move on and courage to live.  Although attending is for class requirement, his class requirement, but I’m glad I went with him. I felt the struggles that they’ve gone through.  They are genuine and nice…very nice people.  I pray that they’re continuing their success in their determination and recovery. I promise to the confidentiality and not to write much about my experience and what I’ve heard there.  But encompassing of holistic experience of the meeting and our weekend together…

again, that Mulberry Tree!