i start to love brown
encompassing, color of dirt
warm embrace, peacefulness
simpleton, noble silence

i learn to love the colors given by mother earth
brownness of trunk, sweet pink of petals
radiant yellow from the sun shinning up-bove
freshness green holds dark veins of leaves
the shyness of fragrant from a wild flower
when i recognize it, growing proudly
on the side of the dirt path
whispers from the wind, so soft and so clear
sound of the river flow when finding its way
to embrace the rocks
liveliness of birds, chirping “hello”
while clouds dancing with blue sky

i learn to love the simpleness
the wonderful things i’ve forgotten
coolness of breathe, warmness of touch
vibrant of light, resonance of sound
rhythm of heart beats, gesture movement
breathing in. breathing out.
to be with myself. the oneness within.

Q 04.30.2012
Garden Grove, CA

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