winners in love

what’s the deal with love? and what’s the deal with being in love?

i often question why people are holding on to the love that there is no future? why staying with someone when deep down in their heart they know they’ll not going to spend the rest of their life with or still be in the relationship with five years from now?  why waste their time and energy with someone who doesn’t care for them? what is the deal with this kind of love? what is the deal with being in love?

i believe in every relationship there’s a need for passion, commitment, fun, caring, communication, and love. the three letter words “i love you” only doesn’t mean a life time commitment. in love, it is like a competition, it is clearly shown in the beginning who is the winner–winners are those who love and loved in return. they get to spend their best years with the one they love. they are the ones who don’t let their pride cloud their hearts, and the pettiness wrong their judgements. they are the ones who play games or trying to control their love. they love for what is and constantly remind themselves why they fall in love in the first place. they are the ones who know when they’ve lost, when to let go and when to move on. those are the winners in love.